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Tanabyte Gas Calibration Systems

To configure your calibrator, Select a Docking Station that best suits your application ...

Tanabyte is proud to present a comprehensive line of gas calibration instruments, designed with the specific needs of auditors, laboratory quality assurance engineers and site operators in mind.

Whether your need is for a precision gas dilution calibrator or an ultra-precise ozone standard, the pneumatics and electronics needed to perform the calibration function is mounted on a removable “module” that can be inserted into one of two types of enclosure or “Docking Stations”.

The Portable Docking Station is small and rugged - ideal for field auditors and traveling service personnel.

The Dual Docking Station supports two independent modules in a rack mountable enclosure. Its 5¼” height takes up less rack space than other rack-mount calibrators on the market, which are typically 7” or higher.

  ... then Select the Module(s) with the options that you need.
  • Model 322 Gas Dilution Calibrator
  • Model 732 Ozone Primary Standard (for use with the 322)
  • Model 734 Standalone Ozone Primary Standard
  • Model 724 Ozone Transfer Standard (US EPA Equivalent Method EQOA-0407-165)
Get Brochures: Calibrators Ozone Standards Model 322
Standard Features
  • Advanced microprocessor diagnostics assure optimal operation.
  • Color graphic display with high contrast, wide viewing angle and large digits
  • The menu system, patterned after the popular Dasibi 5008, is very intuitive and easy to learn and use.
  • Analog inputs allow the results of instrument calibrations to be captured.
  • Analog outputs allow measurement or diagnostic data to be sent to a data logger or chart recorder.
  • A removable SD Flash Memory Card allows the results of calibrations to be saved and later viewed, analyzed or charted on a PC. In addition, setup and internal calibration data may be up or down loaded via the SD card.
  • Pre-programmed calibration sequences may be entered and initiated manually, automatically at preset times or by digital input command.
  • A variety of networking and data acquisition options are supported on Serial RS-232 and USB ports, including Dasibi “Dot” commands, the Modbus protocol and remote operation via menus.
  • The modular design simplifies maintenance. Using an extension cable, the module can be operated outside the docking station while servicing.
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