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The Tanabyte 72x Series

of Equivalent Method Photometric Ozone Analyzers
To configure your analyzer, Select a Docking Station that best suits your application ...

Tanabyte is proud to present the 72x Series of Photometric Ozone Analyzers and Calibrators. Designed as direct replacements for the popular, but discontinued Dasibi 1008 Series, the 72x Series exceeds the performance specs of the Dasibi 1008 while incorporating modern, advanced features.

All variants of the Model 72x Series are available as self-contained “Modules” that can be plugged into either portable bench or rack-mounted “Docking Stations”, depending on the application needs.

The Portable Docking Station requires a minimal amount of bench space for locations with tight space constraints. In addition, its lightweight, rugged design is ideal for field auditors and traveling service personnel.

The Dual Docking Station supports one or two Modules in a rack mountable enclosure. Its 5¼” height requires less rack space than similar instruments on the market, which are typically 7” or higher.

  ... then Select the Module(s) with the options that you need.
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Standard Features
  • U.S. E.P.A Equivalent Method Designation EQOA-0407-165
  • Replacements for the Dasibi 1008 series of ozone analyzers/calibrators
  • Utilizes the UV Photometric Measurement Technique
  • Automatic temperature and pressure correction
  • Advanced microprocessor diagnostics assure optimal operation
  • Internal non-volatile data acquisition and storage
  • Color graphic display with high contrast, wide viewing angle and large digits, easily readable from a distance
  • Easy-to-use menu system and intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • I/O card slots support a variety of networking and data acquisition options
  • The modular design simplifies maintenance and service
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