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Model 724 Ozone Transfer Standard


724 module

The Model 724 is configured as an Ozone Transfer Standard Calibrator, with a built-in ozone generator and zero air supply.

The U.S. EPA Equivalent Method photometer can either be configured to measure external ozone concentrations or to monitor the ozone generator output in order to precisely control the ozone concentration to a specified set point.

A three port ozone output manifold allows ozone to be directed to the internal photometer and an external instrument simultaneously. The internal zero air supply provides clean pollutant-free air to the ozone generator with sufficient flow to supply ozone to two photometers.

The Model 724 is an ideal replacement for the Dasibi 1008-PC.

Paired with the Model 722V in a Dual Docking Station, the 722V/724 combo is an ambient ozone analyzer with a built-in ozone calibrator integrated in a very compact package!


Rear Panel


724 rear

Ozone Photometer Specifications

Analog outputs:

4 isolated 16-bit outputs with 100 mV to 10V independently selectable ranges

Full Scale Range:

0 100, 500, 1000 to 10,000 PPB, independently programmable for each output

Sample Flow Rate:

.5 to 2.0 LPM, adjustable

Photometer Cycle Time:

3 to 20 seconds, adjustable

Zero Noise:

< 0.0003 PPM

Span Noise:

< 0.5% of reading (above 100 PPB)


< 1 PPB


< 1% of full scale

Zero Drift:

< .001 PPM per month

Span Drift (1 wk):

< 1% of reading

Lag / Rise / Fall Times:

10 / 20 / 20 seconds, respectively (with fast cycle setting)


Ozone Generator Specifications:

Ozone Output Range:

0 to 1000 PPB at 5 SLPM zero air flow, software selectable

Minimum Non-zero Ozone:


Ozone Output Resolution:

0.5 PPB

Ozone Output Linearity:

+/- 1% of range

Zero Air Flow Rate:

2.5 to 6.5 LPM, software selectable

Zero Air Pollutant Concentrations:

NO, NO2, H2S, SO2, O3, Non-methane hydrocarbons < 1PPB


Module Specifications:



+5, +/-15V & +24V at less than 80 Watts

12V Option

9-16V at less than 7 amps


7 wide x 4.9 high x 19.5 long (178 x 124.5 x 495 mm)



9 lb (4 kg)




Flow Diagram


724 flow


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